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Curlin 4000

Ambulatory Infusion Pump

Product Specifications
Modes of Operation:


     PCA with IV, Epidural, or Sub-Q Delivery

     TPN with ramping


     Variable with 24 specified doses

Pump Mechanism - Curvilinear peristaltic

Dimensions - 5" H x 4" W x 2.5" D

Weight - 17.5 oz

Accuracy - ±6%

Flow Rates - 0.1 ml to 400 ml/hr

Volume Limits - 1.0 ml to 9999 ml

KVO Rates - 0.0 to 10 ml/hr; default to 0.1 ml/hr

Power Sources - 2 "C" alkaline batteries; AC and external rechargeable battery pack.
Battery Life:

     Nominal 10 hrs at 400 ml/hr

     Nominal 30 hrs at 125 ml/hr

     Nominal 85 hrs at 2 ml/hr

Infusion complete
Occlusion upstream
Occlusion downstream
Door open
Set not installed
Unattended pump
Replace set
High upstream pressure
Empty battery
Accessories - Bolus Cord, rechargeable battery pack, soft carry packs, lock boxes (150 ml and 250 ml), pole clamp, and data cable
Features - RS232 data port, three lock levels, titration in continuous and PCA modes, and printable history log