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Baxter IPump
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Price: $ 1499.00
SKU: IPump

What's This?

Patient ready
Epidural, IV or subcutaneous delivery
1 or 4 hour limits
Maximum doses per hour
PCA dose delay options-1 minute up to 240 minutes
Flow rates 0.1 mL/hr up to 90 mL/hr
Downstream and upstream occlusion alarmsProgrammable security options
Customizable alarm settings
UL listed
Intuitive keypad features
Bright LCD
Word & symbol icons
Dedicated keys for frequent functions
Battery power or AC option
Flow rates:
    Basal: 0.1-19.9 mL/hr
    Continuous: 0.1-90 mL/hr
    PCA Bolus & priming: 90 mL/hr
    Bolus: 0-49.9 mL/hr
    PCA: 0-9.9 mL/hr
Shipped with 100mL cover
90 Day warranty
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